Piezoelectric Alloy Powder Market Trends Analysis 2017 – 2025

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Global Piezoelectric Alloy Powder Market: Introduction

Smart materials have the ability to amend one or more properties when a controlled external stimuli like magnetic & electric fields, stress, pH, temperature and moisture are applied on the material. Piezoelectricity helps certain crystals to generate voltage in response to applied mechanical stress. Properties like conductivity, viscosity and volume can be altered as per requirement in end-use applications. These desired characteristics have been fulfilled by Piezoelectric Alloy Powders. Piezoelectric alloy powders are adaptive to different operational and environmental conditions. The high investments in research and development to innovate new smart materials has resulted a wide area of application of piezoelectric alloy powder in chemical, automotive, aerospace, construction and healthcare industries. The research is being conducted to increase the elasticity of smart materials for application in healthcare industry to manufacture artificial muscles in prosthetics. Piezoelectric alloy powders find useful applications in the ultrafine focusing of optical assemblies, generation of high voltages, detection and production of sound, electronic frequency generation among others.

Global Piezoelectric Alloy Powder Market: Dynamics

Growing technological advancements has given rise to increased use of developed materials in place of conventional materials like glass, polymers and metals in wide area of industries for instance, healthcare, automotive, consumer electronics and others. The property of smart materials to change one or more of its properties owing to external stimulus is driving the usage of piezoelectric alloy powder market for wide area of applications like actuators & motors, structural materials, transducer and, others.

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For smart materials a restraint lies in manufacturing costs for huge quantities at operational yields for wide area of applications. The high cost of investment in research and development & manufacturing of smart materials is anticipated to hamper the growth of piezoelectric alloy powder market. Various non- governmental and governmental bodies are concentrating on growing awareness and fuel uptake of smart materials. The growing demand for substitutes including inherently conductive polymers and dielectrics in manufacturing actuators owing to the product innovations is expected to hinder the industry expansion thereby, restraining the growth of piezoelectric alloy powder market globally.

Piezoelectric alloy powder provides superior advantages and finds usage in areas of autofocus assemblies used in microelectronics productions. The piezoelectric alloy powder are also used in emerging applications like generation of high voltages,  ultrafine focusing of optical assemblies, electronic frequency generation among others which provides opportunity for the market growth of piezoelectric alloy powder during the forecast period.

Large number of manufacturers follow a trend and are focused towards offering innovative products to enhance their market share. The piezoelectric alloy powder is anticipated to have a lot of market potential and new prospects for these kind of smart material products is projected to find applications in engineering sector for manufacturing self-diagnostic, control devices and self-detection and, other devices.

Global Piezoelectric Alloy Powder Market: Segmentation

On the basis of type, the global piezoelectric alloy powder market can be segmented into: Crystal-based piezoelectric alloy powder Ceramic based piezoelectric alloy powder

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On the basis of application, the global piezoelectric alloy powder market can be segmented into: Structural materials Sensors Actuators and motors Transducers Others

On the basis of application, the global piezoelectric alloy powder market can be segmented into: Consumer electronic Automotive Industrial Aerospace & defense Healthcare Others

Global Piezoelectric Alloy Powder Market: Region-wise Outlook

Owing to the improved standard of living in emerging economies, growing automotive and electronics sector in India and China owing to high investments on domestic level is anticipated to increase the demand for electronics accessories including motors, the Asia Pacific region is expected to be the fastest growing market for smart materials thereby, creating opportunities for piezoelectric alloy powder market. Europe is anticipated to hold a major market share owing to the growing energy sector, electronics and automobile industry.

Global Piezoelectric Alloy Powder Market: Key Players

Some of the key players identified across the value chain of the Global Piezoelectric Alloy Powder market are Reade International Corp, APC International, Ltd, Ricoh Company Ltd, KYOCERA Corporation, Morgan Advanced Materials, AVX Corporation, TDK Corporation, Shanghai DBM Company, S. L. Industries, MPI Ultrasonics, Noritake Co., Limited, Piezo Kinetics, Inc, TRS Technologies, Inc, Ceramtec Gmbh and, others.

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