Dimethyl Dicarbonate Market: Lucrative Opportunities Helps to Flourish Industry Rapidly

Press Release

Dimethyl dicarbonate is a synthetic preservative used mostly as a beverage preservative. The packaged food industry is witnessing steady growth owing to which substantial growth is being witnessed in the food preservation industry. Dimethyl dicarbonate is used in wines as it inhibits the growth of wine spoilage yeasts. Due to its versatile nature, dimethyl dicarbonate also finds applications in non-alcoholic beverages where it is used to stabilize carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, such as iced tea and flavored water. Dimethyl dicarbonate is easily available and is thus, relatively inexpensive.

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Dimethyl dicarbonate penetrates cells and deactivates enzymes, leading to the destruction of microorganisms. When added to a beverage, dimethyl dicarbonate rapidly breaks down into negligible amounts of methanol and carbon dioxide — two naturally occurring compounds in many beverages, such as fruit and vegetable juices and wines. It has no effect on the taste, smell or colour of the beverage. Dimethyl dicarbonate is suitable for carbonated or non-carbonated juice beverages, isotonic sports beverages, iced teas and flavored water and wines.

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In the current market scenario, preservatives are witnessing strong traction in the food and beverage industry. Synthetic preservatives, such as dimethyl dicarbonate, reduce the cost of the final product and thus, boost the demand for food products. Supply side participants are getting attracted towards dimethyl dicarbonate. Dimethyl dicarbonate is a very popular preservative in the beverages industry and finds applications in most of the beverages. Dimethyl dicarbonate also helps extend the shelf life of products, thereby making them more consumer-centric.

The key market participants identified across the value chain of the global Dimethyl Dicarbonate market are Santa Cruz Biotechnology, EMD MilliporeDrinkStarBOC Sciences, LanxessShanghai Worldyang ChemicalHangzhou Element Additive TechnologyHangzhou FandaChem and Chihon Biotechnology, among others.